How I work?

A project or assignment always start with a thorough discussion about the objectives and scope. Then follows decisions on timing and resources. Only then the real work can start.

Below you will find a selection of assignments and projects I have done.

Assignments and projects

Strategy Review at Safmarine

The newly appointed CEO wanted to review and test the strategy. With involvement of about 20 senior managers we reviewed the various elements of the strategy. In the end we did not change core strategy but we sharpened it and added objectives, scorecards and developed a communication strategy. The strategy was then (re)launched at a conference for the larger management group and it was made real and impactful with actions for all individuals. This was a six months part time assignment.

Inbound Supply Chain Review at Teeuwissen

Teeuwissen asked me to review their inbound supply chain and to evaluate the effectiveness of their mix of own trucks and 3rd party suppliers. The project started with the documentation of all procedures and afterwards we developed better tools and KPIs to run the inbound supply and evaluate the performance. This was a two months part time assignment.

Growth Strategy Development at Confidential

A break-bulk shipping company wanted to get back on the growth path after some years of rationalisation of services. After an initial market study we concluded that the growing export market from China was the best bet. We went to China and visited some large, prospective customers to affirm our market assessment. Lastly we prepared the board presentation for the strategy and the investment proposal for four purpose-built vessels which was approved. This was a five months part time project.

CEO Sparring at WINEtalks

I had regularly conversations with the CEO of WINEtalks about the development of the online wine tasting concept, related services and the go-to-market strategy. One physical meeting followed by regular online meetings lasted a couple of months.

Market assessment and Mystery Shopper at Confidential

As part of an organisational review, I was requested to assess the market, the go-to-market strategy and find areas for growth. I found new market data and from those showed the market position. A Mystery Shopper exercise was carried out to test the current commercial approach and compare to competitors. In conclusion a different market approach was recommended. This was a six weeks part time project.