The world just changed.

Are you ready?

Is your company ready for the future?

Technology is changing and new competitors are pushing in. Former advantages are fading and customers are becoming more demanding. The pressure to digitalize is immense.

Do you have a plan to win in the ever changing business environment? Or are you hoping to survive by doing what you are best at a little better?

Are you looking for a new, clearer course?

The first step is the decision to take control of the future. The next step is to look for inspiration and Norgaard Management & Consulting can help.

Whether you are looking to discover pockets of growth, digitalize the business, review the organisation or find acquisition targets, let us discuss. Together we can plot a new course.

Why use consultants?

Small and medium sized companies do not have the luxury of having surplus resources for handling major organisational development or strategy projects. That is why the hiring of consultants on a short term basis is an effective solution.

The use of consultants can be met with resistance from employees but there are significant benefits to be had:

  • Consultants are above the usual office politics and can objectively evaluate ideas and proposals from all sides.
  • Consultants’ neutrality makes it safer for people to voice their opinions.
  • Consultants can bring extra credibility to new projects and ensure board approval.
  • Consultants can bring new perspectives, ideas, data and analytical skills.
  • Consultants can dedicate their time 100% while other participants may only be involved on a part time basis.